Cookery classes :

Would you like to amaze your friends by cooking like a great Chef?

One to one cookery classes in your own kitchen are a great way to master new culinary techniques. If you are a food lover, with or without prior cooking experience, go ahead and indulge yourselves and your loved ones!

Would you like to learn to cook or improve on your current skills?

> Our personal Chef Service can teach you some tricks of the trade to create amazing and appetizing meals. You will be accompanied every step of the way in creating gourmet recipes, which you can then enjoy savouring in the comfort of familiar surroundings. FGC can make this dream come true. Our tailored cookery classes will enhance your culinary skills so that cooking becomes a much easier, more straightforward and more economical experience. You do not need to own professional material as your own kitchen area and our utensils are perfectly adequate to create this mouth-watering experience...

After this rewarding training session you will amaze all your friends and family with your newly acquired skills!

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